The Big Question?


“If you believe people could be going to hell…how much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize?” –Penn Jillette, atheist

Early last week I stumbled upon this quote and it honestly shook me to my core. To think that someone not having in knowledge of the love of the Father could speak with such clarity about the very core of everything we are called to be blows my mind! Seeing this instantly created a demand for me to re-evaluate my life. I think we get so caught up in needing to “go” to spread the gospel. As if to assume that we must travel to some distant place to release the blessing of Christ and spread the message of Hope to the Lost. I know full well that Father does call people to that distant place but I know ever better that when Christ said “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel” that it was a call to spread that glorious love and blessed Hope in our going.

Christ left us with a radical call. Contrary to what we may believe, this Radical call is fulfilled through simple obedience. How are you living this call at home, in the presence of your family? at school? at your job? We live in a busy culture and in that we are constantly “going” but in the midst of your going are you allowing the Presence of The Holy Spirit to show up? Just think at how much impact you would have simply blessing the cashier at the super market? It is in those happenings that we see as the most insignificant times to spread the Gospel that I believe Holy Spirit is aching to do the most glorious works! So the Big Questions is, do you live with that conviction that we are surrounded by a world that has failed to ever meet their king?