Dig Deeper

This morning I am met with that all to familiar restlessness as the Holy Spirit begins to stir in my heart. A month into this year I expected much to be different. Not that my Hope is failing or has failed, but I have to swallow the realization that I only see in partiality. That I have received a glimpse of the big picture but I am still not quite there. Me and my family have no other option but to hold to promise. I know for a fact that this season of uncertainty has brought more clarity to our Vision and Purpose in the Kingdom of God than any other allotted time in my life.

I still can not help but to look around at our situation and try and figure out how this could be the promises God spoke into our life.  That is usually where I mess up. I try my best with my finite mind to comprehend the complexities of what is not for me to understand. I think of the scripture in Acts as Christ address the Apostles for the last time before His ascension. He tells them ”  “It is not for you to know times or periods that the Father has set by His own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you”. We get so caught up int the timing of things, but God is stressing to us to stop focusing on the timing and simply walk by the Power of the Holy Spirit, and everything else will fall into place.

So again, I woke up this morning with a stirring in my heart after spending several days evaluating our situation, my motives, etc. Holy Spirits response was simply this “The deeper you dig the more I can draw from”. He dropped a truth bomb like an warhead right into my heart. We have to dig deeper, despite all opposition, trials, and failures. We must keep digging. Immediately I began to think of Issac when the Cannanites sent him to dwell in the Valley. How they kept digging but every time they would get water the natives of the valley would overtake them and seize it for themselves.  After so many failed attempts  where it seemed they would never get to keep what they had been tirelessly working for, finally HOLDING TO THE PROMISE paid off. Issac praised God by naming that well “open Spaces” saying that “Surely the Lord has made room for us to be fruitful and multiply in the land”

Let that be your prayer today as you chase after the God-birthed dream in your heart! Hold to the Promise! and remember digdeep the deeper you dig the more God has to draw from!