What is in your Hand?(1)

“What is in thine Hand?”

This was God’s simple reply to Moses feelings of inadequacy. In Exodus chapter four we see Moses, not unlike our selves, giving the creator of the universe and excuse as to why there is no way he can live out this great call. We must remember that through Christ we are co-heirs to the promise.

We have become children of The King and with our new found identity comes a great call, and with that great call comes great obstacles, but glory be to Jesus that our weakness paves the way for His great strength!

Today I want you to understand that just like Moses, God has gifted you, and supplied you with everything needed to see the Kingdom advanced! Stop reading this, take a moment to simply ask yourself “what is in my hand”. It may seem so insignificant but I assure you that if God can use a piece of wood and a man full of insecurities then whatever you have is more than enough to shake this world! your job! your school! and your family for the Kingdom of our Father! Allow the Holy Spirit to surface what God has planted in your DNA!

You were born for a purpose!  TAKE WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND AND USE IT!