The Happs!(General Update/Rant)

Here is an update for anyone who may be interested!

Its been a little over a year since we made a huge step of Faith and the course of our lives took a huge change! I would be lying if I told you this has always been easy! Ultimately it has been Fathers way of bringing us into a more intimate walk through the Holy Spirit! This last year has been such a year of brighter clarity! We have had wins and we have had losses. We have seen things come to fruition and others be shut down. The best is truly yet to come! I know we are closer now than when we started and I stand in total confidence that He that started a good work will also be faithful until its completion! Jesus is truly the Author and Finisher!

My heart breaks for this generation like never before and we earnestly need people to come along side us in seeing hearts come to know this great love! I ask that you DO NOT hesitate to pray and believe with us to see a generation awakened to the glorious Hope of  the adoption of God through Jesus! We have a few things in the works, but our main focus is truly to reveal the Father, moment by moment, by walking in the richness of His mercy! I realize now more than ever that if we would truly grasp a hold of the faith that has been made readily available to us that everything else will unfold naturally. We sometimes waste so much time stressing over the “vision” or the “dream” and drift to a place where we forget that God stands atop all of our heartfelt dreams and desires to see the Kingdom advanced. He is the Substance! I mean we seem to forget that honestly these are not even our dreams or our vision! They came from Him! They belong to Him, so they can not be the center of out focus!

I have felt so compelled to get back in the Habitual Habit of Blogging. I cant help but rem-anise about my early days of blogging and the passion that I had for it. Posting devotions, sermons, lyrics, thoughts,  and etc, was a daily ritual! I finally have got that spark back for it, and let me tell you! THERE ARE SOME HARD HITTING BLOGS COMING IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS! Prayerfully I will be entering the studio over the next few weeks to record a four song Spoken Word EP! I can not express how stoked I am for this! It will be my first music project in almost three years! The EP will be called HUNGER and will be free to download. It is basically four poems detailing my testimony and journey with the Father in the early years of my walk. It is truly the most emotion driven/heartfelt set of lyrics I have ever written. To be honest I haven’t even been able to recite all the way through without chocking up. My Hope and prayer is that someone will see the power of Grace in the redemptive narrative that God has been writing for 22 years called, my life!

Currently my Family and I have been blessed with living in a home rent free but are still believing for the door to open for us to move back to the heart of the great city of Cordova Al! Everything in His perfect timing! Our son turned eight months old three days ago and I am still in awe. We have been blessed with such an amazing opportunity to parent a life! I truly want to be known for being a Father more than anything, other than being a child of the King of the Universe! I am truly the most blessed man on the planet! I know this has kind of been all over the place but maybe you have enjoyed it. Again please partner with us in prayer as we go to a generation that is bankrupt of hope!


Through whom, To whom, and for whom all things exist!

Ryan Cagle