IT IS FINISHED(breathe easy)

So the last couple of months have been extremely pivotal in my walk. So many things that Holy Spirit began speaking to me over the course of the last few years has been confirmed in what seems like an all out deluge of clarity and deeper understanding. There have been revelations that I have been sitting on, for months and even years, not knowing for sure the fullness of the idea. Do not mistake my words as that I am stating I have come to a place of complete knowledge(that idea makes me laugh) but merely that Father has gone through great lengths to open my eyes to so many things! Despite all of this I somehow seem, like any child, to jump the boat on the lesson or simply get in the way of seeing what I have heard from the Holy Spirit become tangible! It is so easy for us to let everything in the world distract us, hinder us, and prevent us from pursuing the Father in true communion! I do not know what life place you may be in but if it is involved with ministry then I know you will be able to relate to my next statement.

“Ministry would be easy… If you didn’t have to deal with people”

Before you flip out on me understand I know that this is a self-defeating statement! If you are in ministry and have never felt this way then I will gladly be the Daniel LaRusso to your Mr. Miyagi! Ministry is tough. It so easy to get to a place of worry, stress, frustration, anger, confusion, and even panic over something that was designed to be the furthest from those adjectives!

Can I be transparent for a moment?

I found myself in the last months dreading so much that was designed to be pure enjoyment by the Father of lights! I was dreading church, dreading preaching, dreading meetings, dreading prepping, planning, counseling, etc. I let people, who are merely just imperfect people like myself, override my desire to see the Hope of God invade a generation. My mind was plagued with uncountable amounts of “What ifs?”. My eyes drifted away from the substance and sustainer of my life and I began to let worry build up an anxiety in me that maybe it was time for a change. A fear that I have yet to have when it comes to the Ministry Father has called us into. I tried to ignore my feelings, I wrestled with in my self, I tried to not focus on what people were doing, I tried to forgive, I tried to be positive, I tried convincing myself that everything was okay and that I was simply overreacting.

I am thankful that my mind has been calmed, and heart settled!

Everything changed a couple of weeks back. I was driving home(no idea where from) and I felt Holy Spirit simply tell me to “Breathe Easy” . I remember telling my wife what was just spoken to me and  to be honest I couldn’t even explain to her what Holy Spirit was talking about. The issue was that I started running my mouth before He finished. Do you ever do that? I hope I am not the only one, that would just be embarrassing. Have you ever had a day where Holy Spirit began to speak to your heart but before He could Finished you interrupted? Maybe you got excited? or just did not want to hear the full thought. Well regardless, that night was definitely one of those nights for me. I started running my trap before I was able to hear the whole picture. So needless to say it was over a week before what He was trying to produce it me was even able to take root. Roughly a week later I shut up long enough to hear the rest of the Word. This time in a Sunday night service, lost in His presence, I heard Him say “IT IS FINISHED”. It was like my heart melted in my chest at the sheer weight of a simple statement. This whole time Father has been trying to get me to rest in that fact that IT IS FINISHED! We tend to lose the simplicity of grace when we become overwhelmed in our own lives! Christ has FINISHED it! Everything that has, or ever will, come against us has been nailed to the cross and humiliated! I had spent so much time hindering what was needing to be done because I took my mind off the simple truth that He who started a good work is faithful to Finish it!

I do not know where you are at, what you are going through, what trials are arising, what question swarm your mind, but the one thing I do know is that it is past time for you to “BREATHE EASY” because “IT IS FINISHED”. It is so mind-blowing to know that Christ last words as He hung on my Cross was “IT IS FINISHED”. It was His way of letting us be able to stand confident in knowing that He has taken care of every single thing! From our greatest fears to the minute issues in our lives! Everything has been Finished! So today I commission you to stand firm in the completed work of Christ! Cast all your cares upon the Father! Stand knowing that He has taken care of it all! You do not have to know all the details, or how everything is going to work out, or how to fix the problem! Simply chase after our Heavenly Father and let Him take care of the rest.

Peace only comes through resting in His perfect work!

“It will always be a mystery to me, that before I was… IT WAS FINISHED!” -Levithepoet

To Whom, For Whom, and Through whom all things exist!

Ryan Cagle