Airplanes, Forgotten dreams, and Holding to the Promise

Today my family and I are headed to Atlanta to stay the night and catch a plane early Friday morning to visit the great state of Texas. When this trip was first coming together I can truthfully say I wasn’t very excited. Although I was excited for for my Wife because this will be the first time in almost a decade she will have seen her Grandfather. When I think of Texas all I see is dirt, tumble-weeds, rattlesnakes, and scorching heat! and this being my first time riding an airplane just didn’t seem to make things much better! Like I said, I was not excited. Thankfully that changed!

Over the coarse of the last few months, since scheduling the trip, my understanding has really transitioned. There has been a very evident SHIFT in my Spirit. I am now more ecstatic for this trip than words can explain! I am going to be met with so many opportunities ,outside of my normal life set, to allow the Grace and love of God to impact someone’s life. For me this trip is now far more than meeting family and having fun. This trip is the rebirth of a desire I let fall through the cracks! I once had a very strong longing to leave Walker County in my rear veiw mirror, to move on to bigger and better things. God quickly revealed that my place was here in Cordova Al and that I had misinterpreted the desire as a call to get as far away from here as possible rather than Him trying to show me that there was a particular work to begin and in this county! Here I am five years later consumed in a ocean of blessings. I have an amazing wife, a beautiful baby boy, an awesome family, and I get to wake up every day living out some of my greatest dreams! But there is more to the picture. I am met again with that all to familiar restlessness and hunger for the next chapter of this narrative God has been writing! Walker county is my home but there is still another portion to take a hold of! It is so mind blowing to me that Holy Spirit has used this trip to rekindle forgotten dreams that were still very much present in my heart! I long to travel and minister! City to city. Person to person. Venue to venue. Street corner to street corner. Where ever Holy Spirit decides and how! Needless to say I wholeheartedly believe this desire is straight from the throne of God!

Earlier this month Holy Spirit kept showing me a map with particular cities highlighted. I still do not have full understanding of what it means but I do know that it is a piece to seeing some of my earliest God-breathed desires come to fruition! I ask that you pray for our family as God unfolds his will for our lives! Pray for divine appointments while we depart on this trip, that every moment would be approached with intention! That we would be sensative to those that Father God is wanting to pour His love out on!

Never discount your dreams because they may not be for this particular season but if they are truly God-breathed then I promise the season is coming where you will see them fulfilled! Hold to the promise! No matter what!

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!