“Enter cheesy New Years blog title here”

So 2014 has officially arrived! Well it technically arrived like twenty days ago but I am just now getting the chance to post this blog! Okay well that might have been a little bit of a stretched truth and it happens to be very humorous in light of the last blog post I made. Regardless of the level of procrastination I still struggle with lets move forward on to the whole point of this post!

Twenty-one days in to 2014 and this year has already been a whirlwind of adventure for my family and myself! We started the year off with an undeniable churning in our spirit. That churning was Holy Spirit revealing some new paths for our families feet to begin to travel, a new era in our life that was about to begin. This year we made the hardest decision of our marriage to date, possibly the hardest of my own life. We have spent the last six years serving at Crossroads Assembly of God and these last six years have been absolutely amazing. I would not hesitate to describe them as the best years of my life. Which made the transition to move on to the next phase of our life so difficult. This past Sunday was our last day serving the congregation of Crossroads. It was bitter-sweet experience where I was caught somewhere between excitement, for the future and all of what waits to meet us on the horizon, and the terrible feelings of goodbyes and farewells.  This wee has been one full of tears, laughter, and hours spent recalling the greatest moments we all shared over the last half of a decade. I am so thankful for my family at Crossroads and can not wait to see all of what God has in store for them in the days ahead!

More than anything this year is and is going to be a year of refreshing and dreaming. My Wife and I, are taking the weeks ahead to seek God about the future of our family, ministry, and vision. We are dreaming new dreams, and having the opportunity to revisit and rekindle old dreams! I am so thankful for this time of refreshing as we just soak in all of the excellencies of our Heavenly Father. There are several things we are confident that we will see unfold in the days to come and we can not be more excited about it all! For now we simply plan to take everything day by day and enjoying the fresh mercies that come with them! I ask that you pray for us, and believe with us for God’s will to be fully accomplished in this new journey! We truly need it as we step out of the boat and walk the waves of uncertainty!


ps. I am iffy about new years resolutions, but after some thought I came up with five things I want to make a habit of in 2014!

-Laugh more with my wife

-Get lost on the beautiful back roads of Alabama more often

-Take more pictures with my family

-Put my phone down more often

-enjoy to the fullness all the awesomeness that is a one year old son!


Through whom, To whom, For whom all things exist

-Ryan Cagle