Commitment, Fear, and Moving Forward

The more I learn the more I realize I know very little. It seems that with each passing day my understanding of God, life, and even myself are being challenged, molded, shaped, cut away, and added to. This week my family was met with the opportunity of a life time. An opportunity to purchase a home and be almost debt free in doing so. If you have stayed up to date on the last few post you might remember that this is huge in relation to my post about the things we have been dreaming of for this year. To have a place that is ours, and more importantly to have a place we can call home is one of the first things on our list. I assumed my response to this opportunity would be excitement and joy but in all honesty it was more along the lines of fear and anxiety. Strange, I know. I assure you that my reaction was nothing short of a surprise to me.  To be honest my response really caught me off guard. Here is one of the very things we have been believing for and it was right in front of us and I was paralyzed with fear. I honestly never cease to amaze myself, and I mean that in the least self-centered cocky way possible. Actually I mean it in such a direct opposite mindset that I am sometimes so amazed by myself that I could punch myself in the throat. A few post back I discussed my deep rooted issues with fear and since that post Father God has set in motion a journey that I am no where near through with but have learned so much about myself and how deeply rooted that fear has been in my life. It has been a rather shocking yet liberating journey thus far. I can honestly say that I am so beyond excited for the days ahead and all the things to come! Our God is glorious and He is always beckoning us forward to be more than what we where the day before and the really cool part is that He supplies everything necessary to move forward! As for the house? We took the dive and purchased it. Hopefully after some minor repairs and a few months we will be able to move in and start the next leg of the journey for our family. Please continue to remember us in prayer and if there is anyhting we can pray about for you please do not hesitate to let us know!

To whom, through whom, and for whom all things exist,

Ryan Cagle


P.S.  If you find yourself caught up in struggles then set your eyes back where they need to be! His mercies are knew every morning! Press on! You can do this!

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