Serpentine Thoughts

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here” ­
-Marianne Williamson

The Beginning. Creation is fresh. Brand new and busting at the seams with life and activity. The earth, the moon, the stars, the ocean depths, the man and his better half living in perfect harmony with all things seen and unseen. It was good. What else could it really be? All of the cosmos is nothing more than a mirror reflecting the glory of the one who spun it into existence.

I wonder how it must have felt for God that day that He gazed into the watery depths, deep calling out to deep, and all of a sudden there was light, and life, and what was, was full of Beauty. The same Beauty that would come to save us from all our misconceptions and separation. How he must have felt on that sixth day when dirt breathed it’s first and man came to life wide eyed and aware of his maker. Billions of years of creations longing satisfied in this very moment when God found something amoung the stars that captured His glory. In their image. The imageo dei for all creation. More than alive with their chest rising as God’s falls. The Blessed Trinity, the very air in the lungs of man. Fearless.

It did not seem to last long. Eternity would not have been long enough for them, or for us. We are all fearless like little children when we first begin. At least until our heads fill with those serpentine thoughts that have been slithering and creeping on us from the day this whole thing began. If I could ever relate to the way God must have felt it would be the day of my sons birth.

I saw myself, the best parts of me wrapped up in a 5.7lb bundle of joy. 100% pure and innocent. Unashamed and untainted by pain or sorrow, not knowing loss. Totally free from all the worst parts of me. Fearless.

It was breathtaking.

He is still the most fearless person I know. My mom tells me he is just like me when I was his age. It makes me wonder what happened. Because truthfully I am scared. Scared of a lot of things. Thankfully Holy Spirit is changing me. I do not know that I am less scared or If He is just enabling me to stand firm in the face of fear. Regardless, it is refreshing reality to know and experience a love that crushes the head of fear under His heel.

Beloved! We have to hold to the promise!
Christ is that promise!
The promise of a love that knows not fear!
A love that conquers fear!
A love that God says you and I are worth experiencing!

2 Timothy 1v7 God did not give us a Spirit if Fear, but of power, love, and self control.

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!


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