Things I Wish I Would Have Known

Dear, Ryan

It is going to be okay. The next few years are going to be a whirlwind. You are going to learn so much about who you are and time after time you are going to learn that you still have a lot to learn. There is going to be an influx of people in your life. A deluge of new friends that will leave as quickly as they came. Wear your heart on your sleeve unapologetically. When it all falls apart do not change a thing. If you do it will hurt a lot worse. Do not let the experience make you afraid to be transparent and free. It did me and I still have not completely recovered. Do not be afraid of what you do not understand. Do not let the external pressure force you to pretend you are better than what you are. It will only come across as arrogance and hurt the people who manage to stick around. Do not let your religion kill your open mindedness. Savor every moment because they are all fleeting. Make amends sooner than I did. Take more time for your family. Slow down. Really listen to people more. What they say is important. Be slow to speak and work on that temper. You are so hot headed and those snap judgments really do not get us very far. Learn to take criticism whether it be positive or negative. At the end of the day you are dead in Christ both to praise or blame. Keep a lock off of that heart of yours or you will end up more machine than man. Do not forget the lessons we learned walking around in the wilderness all those years! The second and third go around are a lot worse than the first. We are not in Egypt anymore and I know that will bring you peace! Keep your chin up and love without restraint! Drink in deep the forgiveness of God so you can forgive yourself! When you question whether your grandfather would be proud of the man you will become, know the answer is yes. You have no reason to be scared! You got this kid! Hold fast and buckle up because this is going to be one Hell of a ride!

-A boy finally learning to be a man

Ps. You land a smoking hot wife!!! 😉

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