There was nothing. Just silence. Silence patiently waiting for something. Something to come from nothing. BANG! A blank canvas painted by the breath of the prexistant! Blinding light and nuclear fission! Stars, black holes, quasars, and galaxies.


It was good yet not quite perfect. Spinning onward from this beginning! Unto completion!

Beautiful hues of blue and green radiating from a rock spinning on its axis around the star where it gets it’s warmth as it passes. Oceans, skies, and earth swarmed with microbes unto masses. Hundreds, thousands, millions of years in the making. Finally a billion years of groaning. The creator finds something among the beast to satisfy his longing.

Upright walking. Hunting and gathering. Awakening!
Alive! Fully aware of his creator. The blessed trinity the very breath in his lungs. From dust to life. Resurrection.


Love called my name!
I am man! Forged from the ashes of star dust and sand!


I am sure this poem will throw some people for a loop. I will try and keep you from wondering too much. These next few statements will not be exhaustive on my views just brief statements. Please feel free to comment if you would like to discuss.

Yes I believe in evolution.

Yes I believe Yahweh is creator of the cosmos.

Yes I believe everything seen and unseen was created through, for, and by Christ.

I do not believe these scientific explanations are opposed to the gospel.

At the end of the day I do not really care how or when the universe was created.

All I know for fact is that it was by God and for God!

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!

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