Dead Saints, Ancient Paths, and following Jesus!


“Lessons From Dead Guys” is a podcast series idea that has been bouncing around my head for awhile now. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to purchase the equipment I need to make it happen. I have debated with the idea of doing a Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds but I am not quite sure what avenue I am going to take as of yet. For now, I have decided to start an ongoing blog series with the same title and flavor as the podcast. It will not be able to capture all that I have in mind for the podcast but, it will be a start in the right direction!

The whole idea is to explore the rich tradition of the church and the Saints of Antiquity. I want to break open the teachings and ideas that have shaped the church throughout history to expose people to the immense beauty and diversity that makes us one giant family. Personally American Protestantism needs some necessary exposure to ideas and beliefs outside of our contextual window! The south(my context) has seemed to become increasingly boxed in and closed off from many elements that could really benefit the church as a whole. I want to change that!

I firmly believe we have so much to learn from each other. None of us have this thing 100% right but it sure does seem like people, churches, and denominations tend to act as if they do. The church is riddled with sectarianism and division after division! What we agree on is so much more important than what we do not have in common! We have to learn to learn from each other!

I ask that you would parter with me in prayer over this. I would love to see this spiral into the podcast series that I first thought of and I am hopeful we will get there soon! Until then have a seat, open your mind, and buckle up as we step foot on to the ancient paths of the Men and Women before us!

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!

Ps. Lessons From Dead Guys #1 is scheduled for this coming Sunday!

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