So we are stepping full force into the beauty that is Autumn here in north Alabama. The weather has cooled drastically, jackets have been pulled out of storage, and warm fires have been lit. It is by far my favorite season of the year. Sadly, it does not last near as long here in Alabama as I wished it would. It gives us, in my opinion, this perfect window between the sweltering Summer heat and the frigid Winter cold. Also it is so extravagantly beautiful here as the leaves change from green to amber. There is something about Autumn that is particularly heavenly to me and I think it is found in death. This is the season that paints death with such beautiful hues, and colors. It is the reminder that all things come to an end. Not in some sad depressing way but in a joyful expectation of what lies ahead. All things that die will be resurrected. That is why Autumn is so amazing to me, it is the testament that change is not only inevitable but beautiful and needed. That change is something to look forward to because there are better things ahead than anything we have ever left behind.

The last three years have literally felt like a constant cycle of death and resurrection in the life of my family. It is sometimes difficult but can be so refreshing when you really step back and admire the whole story. When autumn comes we know that the cold death of winter is coming but to focus on that is to truly miss the whole point of Autumn. The point is that we never are afraid of sunsets because we know that morning still comes. In the same way we know that we have no need to fear transition because it is only natural to see the rise and fall of things in life. It is that cycle that we have the chance to grow and evolve into the people God has made us to be. I do not know where you are in this cycle but just hold fast to the truth that Winter does not get the final word on your situation.

Yesterday marked a transition for our family. My best-friend moved out and moved away to live with his family. We have lived together off and on for the last six years so this is definitely a weird change for us. By no means is our friendship over or anything like that but this season has come to an end. I could not be more excited! He is getting the chance to be with his blood-family in a way he never has before. He is stepping into a season of reconciliation and renewal. It is amazing! And I am so stoked for him! My wife very boldly demanded monthly visitation rights(I literally just gut laughed way too hard)! This is not the end of our friendship but just a new era where we get the chance to enjoy what God is doing in different ways!

As for my family and I, we are stepping into another season as well. We are in the process of getting our new home livable and finding better jobs so we can adequately raise our son in the life and environment he needs. We are working toward financial independence and once we get in this new home we will be on the fast track in that direction. We are transitioning from a 2,240sqft home to a 792sqft home which seems like such a daunting task right now but both of our hearts yearn for a minimal/simpler lifestyle. This on top of us stepping down from a six year ministry position has really just thrown us do some serious loops. We are excited for what the future holds. We have a lot of questions right now. Not everything makes since to us in this season but, we are holding to the promises we have received in Christ Jesus! Honestly we never thought we would be here in this particular season with so many doubts and frustrations but we are seeing the grace of God busting at the seams in our life! We are learning a lot and can not honestly wait to see where this road leads us! I ask that you would remember my family in your prayers, we covet them!

Do not give up! The night last but a moment! You have this!

Through whom, to whom, an for whom all things exist!

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