Colossians 1:17 and He(Christ) is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

This “All things hold together” includes you and me. I think sometimes we tend to forget this truth. Well I know I do at least. I am a proponent for the declaration that we are whole in Christ! He has made us new and you will hear me preach that more than any other message. I hate hearing people call themselves “sinners”. Christ paid much to high of a price for us to consider ourselves anything less than the righteousness of God in our Messiah. It is this new reality that gives us this freedom to not pretend like we have all of our crap together. I fully believe we need to believe we are who Christ says we are and see ourselves trough the lens of His divine love but I do not think that means we have to pretend like we are not at times broken an struggling.

Christ imputed nature and righteousness is not some magic trick that makes everything magically better. It is the reality of Heaven in us right in the middle of our brokenness and trials in life. It is our Messiah who can sympathize with us in every way right beside us as we walk through Hell. That is such a glorious truth of the gospel! Christ meeting us in the middle of it all and replying “Here I am broken for too.”!

The incarnation is such a wondrous mystery. It is God clothed completely in humanity so that through Him everything, whether in Heaven or Earth, could be reconciled together. We are the first fruits of this new world! The world in which this fragile cosmos is engulfed entirely into perfect union with it’s Creator. That does not mean that trial and struggle does not exist in the present but it does mean that the same hands that holds the stars are the same hands that wear our scars. Being whole in Christ does not mean that we will not fall apart but rather that when everything does fall apart, He is still right there holding every single piece. I pray that Holy Spirit would flood your heart with this truth today. That you would learn to rest in His grace even when the world around you feels like it is unraveling at the seams!

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!

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