The Proto-Man & His Dream (lyrics)

(Sudden inhalation)
Home minded
Home in the end
This home of mine
Where is this home I see in my mind
Beyond the gates
Transcendent of time

I see a city with shimmering streets and vibrant lights
I see it’s King
The begotten of all time
To think I was mere dust beneath the feet of the one who calls galaxies into existence.
If that was not enough now I see love clothing himself in my existence.

I see it! I see it!

I can taste it on my lips but my bones are still reaching for it.
“There are greater things ahead than any we left behind”
That’s what you said when you clothed us in our nakedness and wiped fear from our eyes.
And my God Eden was great but we laid it to waste and
It’s so hard to believe but I believe it!
That there is a better home on the horizon!

A home where mercy floods like the sunrise and justice is the visions in all humanities eyes.
A city built on peace and tranquility.
This will be the prophets dream!
This will be the hope in the veins of the martyrs! 

This is the promise!
That one would come and crush beneath his heel the head of the serpent and bring an end to the darkness!

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