Would He build a $260k cross in front of His church?

Would He take out a loan to build a building for corporate worship?

Would He lobby legislation?

Would getting people to come to His Sunday gatherings be His main goal?

Would He spend His time on twitter correcting those who disagree?

Would He take up arms for America against Islamic Terrorist?

Would He create discipleship programs and formulas?

Would He talk to people the way I sometimes do?

Somedays I think I know and somedays I am certain I do not.

I am all for good art, and sacred spaces. I love corporate worship and Sunday morning services. I think we need to be able to discuss doctrinal issue and for sure need to stand up for the rights of the helpless. I also do not believe there is anything wrong with having a methodology that is intentionally built to engage the culture.

But are we doing these things how our Savior would do them?

Or in the middle of it all have we started doing things “For God” rather than “with God”? See the later removes our ability to do it our way. The former looks at our Savior and says “You sit right here in this chair Jesus on this side of the room and we will take care of the rest.”.

I have been there. So caught up in the hustle and bustle of ministry that I never let God have His way. Only to step back and see that which I had built looked nothing like Him. I am sure He does not need us to figure out all the details to make something work. He just need openness and willingness to be fluid with The Spirit moving.

It is so easy to think we have arrived and are doing the most Godly work on the planet but what good is a giant cross if our county is tattered by drug addiction? What good are our Sunday morning services if we never live The Gospel out among the hurt and marginalized? What good is the number of people we have on role if those people are afraid to be transparent about their struggles and hang ups? What good is it all if our churches are not considered safe places to bear your scars?

I do not know the all the answers. I am learning some of them though. I have a heart full of God-Breathed dreams and visions but no idea how they will look when He brings them to fruition. We can have the most talented band, the nicest building, the greatest teachers, a fantastic children’s ministry, and $1.5 million in the bank but if God did not build it then it is worth nothing.

All I know is that we were told to love our neighbor(enemy) as Christ loved us! And that pure and undefined religion before our God was tending to the needs of the helpless and broken!

Will God move despite us? Yes! Thank God yes! His ability to move is not contingent upon our ability to get it all right and by no means is Him moving a validation for our theology or methodology. He is good like that. Even when we are all up in the way His kindness and grace is weaving in out through the jumbled mess that is the Church and beckoning the hearts of men onward to Himself!

Note! This is no excuse not to step back and ask the hard questions. This is no reason to cling to our worthless constructs and bad methods! We have to be fluid with the Spirit! We can not ever think we have it all right! Jesus is up to something big and I would hate for anyone to miss it!

So stop today, and as cliché as it sounds, ask your God what He would have you do! In your life! In your community! In your job! School! And churches!

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!

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