’94 (or Vacant Windows of a house that never was a home)

1994 was the first note of a song that should have never been written/
But we wrote, and wrote/
And wrote a symphony of discord/
A broken song/
And with that house burned down more than everything we owned/
Nothing left but broken promises/
And ash as those embers danced through the night sky to dwindle out like shooting stars that screamed of a family and their scars/

“Finally we can breathe easy now”

What a lie we sang with soot filled lungs/
As those black coals coursed through our veins and rolled off our tongues/
It took all we had not to choke/
Hoping smiles could some how hide the truth in the notes/

We moved across the street to that red brick apartment with those white washed walls/
I swear to you that those same demons walked those halls/
A family scattered in the wind like we were always destined to roam with no end/ 

If this is the home we set out to build then let’s be honest about all the blood we have spilled/
Let’s be honest about all the nights spent in the arms of corpses/
How we fell in love with songs of rigormotis/
It sleeps in our bones/
Rigormotis sleeps in this home/
Our bones/this home/ our bones/

I have always wondered if people see past the vacant eyes and see dry bones/ like dusty floor boards of a house that was never a home/ we have built this house with the ashes of long dead dreams and hopes/ but I am convinced this can’t be the fate of this family!/

There is rest for you father from all your fears and past regrets/
There is love for you mother, yes there is love for you yet/
There is freedom for us brothers from all the vipers we wear around our necks/
There is hope for this home/ 
Yes there is hope for us yet/

We won’t be dead, dry, and divided forever/

We can’t be, we won’t be: dead, dry, and divided/
Never forever severed /
Will we forever be?
Never /
Severed from thee?
Oh God save this family/

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