Ferguson & The Church


There are certainly enough commentators on this situation. I have no desire to add to the argument. I do however have a word for the white population of the Church.

Shut up.

All your negativity is only adding to the problem. The world does not need to know how and why you agree with the Grand Juries decision. It is not at all profitable. Regardless of it all, a young man is now dead. That is injustice in the kingdom. End of story. Listen to our black brothers and sisters. Mourn with them. Join with them in this healing process. If you must speak let it be petitions for justice and healing in the world to our Father or let it be questions to the black community on how we can do better for them as our family and the Kingdom.

Drop our assumption.

Drop our opinions.

Drop our delusions.


Let us be the Peace makers we are called to be.

Let us comfort the afflicted.

Let us lift our family up and support them in an through this difficult time.

Let us be the embodiment of love that we are called to be.

Beloved, we must do better!

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!

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