Peace On Earth


Mathew 5v9
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

So something strange happened to me today. After arriving at work, I started my morning routine of making coffee and turning on the news. (I used to hate the news but I guess I am becoming an old man) The T.V. flashed with the typical previews of today’s broadcast and the highlights from the events of the days prior. I was not paying much attention and at one point I looked up and saw the front of a boarded up store in Ferguson, which has been a very common image over the last couple of months. It is strange to me how easy we become numb or apathetic to certain events or circumstances. Some how it seems to all become very palatable as if things like war, riots, and death are just parts of life that we should stomach and truthfully it is all very unsettling to think we become so settled in the light of these circumstances.

There was something different about this image of a boarded up store than the ones I have so easily come to stomach. The boards were painted with festive Christmas images like Santa, snow, and reindeer which honestly are not very shocking giving the approaching Holiday. What got me was the next few frames of the shot where they showed a young African American girl painting the boards. I personally am not the most festive guy on the holidays and could never hear about Santa again and honestly be just fine but it was not the images of the approaching Holidays that made my stomach drop. I lost it. As soon as my eyes saw that the girl was painting the phrase “Peace On Earth” my eyes swelled with tears. I did my best to choke them back but to little avail.


It was like a resounding gong reverberating to the core of who I was. I could do nothing but pray. Pray for ferguson. Pray for this nation. Pray the Church. Pray for the World. Pray for that little girl.

It is so easy to talk about peace. It is so easy for me to sit here and preach about peace from the front of the blue hue of my screen. It is so easy to voice our opinions,whether they be bad or good, and never do anything that is of value for the words we vomit. I am honestly at a loss for words. I believe in the vision that Jesus has for the world. I believe in the Gospel of Peace! It is the power for salvation! I believe there is a day that this child will see Peace invade the earth!

I am still discovering my part in all of this. I do not have it all together. Truthfully, sometimes the way of Christ and His vision for the world seems like nothing but a pipe-dream, but it is the very thing my bones ache for. All I know is we are called to be Peace makers and for the most part the western church does not fit the bill. I for the most part do not fit the bill. We can do better though. We WILL do better. Because Christ in us will not settle for anything less and the moment we get complacent He will stir up our hearts again! We have to be the people we were made to be! The world is waiting! Trust God and believe in His vision for the world!

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!

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