Our American Dream & Poetry


This is basically just a random update on our family and a few things we have going on and have embarked on in the last month or so.

For starters at the beginning of the month I published a small(like really small) book of poetry. I am not sure you can actually call it poetry and I am sure there is someone out there with a fancy degree in a frame somewhere who would be more than willing to vouch that what I have written is by no means poetry. That being said, the book is called Hunger [words of longing]. It is a book of six poems that all correlate to six songs I have been writing. Each song has some collaboration on it from my wonderful wife and hopefully my best friend Chris. I could not think of a better time to release them as right before the Holiday season of Advent and the hopeful longing that is the focal point of the Holidays. If you get a chance you can download it HERE for free! Hopefully we will be able to record these tracks early in 2015! We had hoped to get the project rolling before the end of 2014 but things fail through! But stay tuned!

The other thing is that I have started a tumblr to keep up/share our families journey toward minimal- Self-Sufficient living. Tumblr just seemed like a much better fit and platform for this project verses making it a regular segment on this blog. Our family is on a wild adventure and has a huge desire to live free of 9-5 cages and build(literally) the life of our dreams! We grow tired of the american consumer culture and believe that at the end of the day life is more than who dies with the most toys. Life is family, friends, adventures, stories, and all things truly beautiful and that is what this project is about! Sharing our story and the stories we have the privilege to play a role in! The project is called, Flipping The American Dream and you can check out the project and stay up to date on our progress HERE!

We covet your prayers!

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!

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