A Year in Review


2014 was a doozy!
I stepped down three months shy of a six year pastoral staff position. Got a day job as a security guard! Ran a red light and T-boned an elderly mans truck. Had my first hair cut in three years(I miss my luscious locks!). Made new friends. Lost A LOT of old friends. Became slightly liturgical. Started being more vocal about my beliefs. Our baby boy turned two! Wrote more music than I have in years. Started blogging seriously. Published a tiny-E-book of poetry. Bought a house. Had said house moved 10 miles to our property. Started writing a fiction novel. Tried to launch a business. Started learning how to make candles. Moved two notches on my belt in the positive direction! Launched a blog to keep up with our families transition into minimal living. Rediscovered ancient paths tread by long dead men and women of the Faith. Fell more and more in love with my wife. Laughed a ton! Learned more than I will ever be able to express. Received so much encouragement from people! Was called all but a heretic more than a few times. Wrote my heart out…

And finally started to learn how to embrace change! All by/through the grace of God!

– To go on vacation
Have a place we call home
To be more stable financially
– To be debt free
To be a healthier family
– To record an EP
Expand our creative abilities
– Plant a garden
Potty train Judah
– To acquire a second vehicle
– To travel and preach
– To Launch a business
Start Learning sign language
Author books
– To start back date night

We only managed to knock out right under half of our goals for 2014 but that is just how it goes sometimes! We are so stoked for the future and can not wait to see what adventures lie before us in 2015! We have a long journey left but there are better things ahead than any we left behind!

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!

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