2015 Reading List

In the last year I have some how rekindled my love for reading so I set down and started making a list of the books I wanted to read over the course of the year. My list mostly centers on various areas of theology along with a few fiction choices that I have never read or have not read in a long time. I am super stoked about diving into these books! What are you reading this year?

Surprised By Hope -N.T.Wright
Love Wins -Rob Bell
Beauty Will Save The World -Brian Zahnd
Prototype -Jonathan Martin
Confessions of St. Augustine -Augustine
The Skeletons in God’s Closet -Joshua Butler
Reverse Thunder -Eugene H. Peterson
Disarming Scripture -Derek Flood
Approaching The End -Stanly Hauerwas
Love Alone is Credible -Hons Urs Vins Baltshasar
The End is Near, or Not Yet -Kenneth Myers
The Works of Josephus
Velvet Elvis -Rob Bell
Chronicles of Narnia(series) -C.S. Lewis
Moby Dick -Herman Melville

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