Lent, Solidarity, & Wilderness Dreams


This year I am observing Lent or the first time ever and I am super excited about it. Lent is the season leading up toward the celebration of Easter and the resurrection of our Messiah and is a time to simplify our lives, refocus ourselves on Christ, and remember our mortality. It is the season to orient ourselves in such a way to live as wells of resurrection wherever our feet find themselves. For me it is about taking a step back and tending a few areas in my heart that need some attention as well as a time to work on a few projects that I have been to distracted to faithfully cultivate. This is all new to me, Church tradition and liturgy, but my heart yearns for it. Strangely I have celebrated the traditions in what I am sure would be considered a non traditional way but it has worked this far. It has been merging of everything I love about my charismatic evangelical up-bringing and the deep ancient roots of the church at large.

Traditionally Lent is 40 days of fasting in conjunction with the 40 days of fasting that Christ observed before starting His earthly ministry. So naturally the church takes this time to fast in some measure for 40 days. I would not really regard what I am doing as fasting because I believe fasting has always been tied to the stomach and the abstinence of food but I am “fasting” social media(Twitter/Facebook)for the duration of Lent. Social media is my biggest distraction and for the last few months has been an unfruitful endeavor for me. Social networks are very useful when used properly but as of late it has become a place of unauthentic community that has done nothing to curb my desire for real incarnational relationships.

The Church exists in community. Without relationships and community there would be no Church and this is not a move away from community for me but it is a step, in some measure, toward solidarity with the universal Church while still being a season of withdrawal and seclusion from distraction. In a way, I suppose this is me letting my world get smaller by letting it get bigger. A way for me to focus and cultivate my plot of land while being deeply rooted in the richness of tradition and incarnational community. I long for that deep rooted unity of love that knows no boundaries.

For the last couple of years I have had a reoccurring dream where my family and I seclude to a cabin deep in the wilderness. The dream has had a handful of different renditions but the main point of the dream is about our family refocussing, rebuilding, and cultivating what has been entrusted to us. We have been on a gradual move in that direction for the last year and Lent has come (or is it I that has come?) at the most perfect and opportune time.

Lent starts with Ash Wednesday so Tuesday will be the last day I will post directly to Twitter/Facebook or interact with people on those platforms. Although I will not be completely “Ghosted” because I am taking this time to faithfully commit to cultivating and developing this blog and the #LessonsForDeadGuys podcast a long with a few other projects I have in the works. Links for my blog post and podcast will still be posted as they are published. I ask that you partner with our family during this season. We want this to be as fruitful as possible and Hope to accomplish a great deal during the weeks ahead!

Through whom, to whom, and for
whom all things exist!



Ash Wednesday

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