Finding the Right Rhythm


Lent is over after the second of April and it seems like these last forty days have all but been a vapor. Observing Lent for the first time has been more of a blessing than I think I even understand yet. For the Lenten season I swore off Facebook and twitter which to some may seem strange or even dumb but for me was a huge deal because of what has somehow become an endless ocean of debates that seem to be sparked by my posts and positions on certain topics. So for Lent I deleted the apps and have not been on since and it has done my soul so well. I have debated on whether or not to even reinstall the apps.

That aside, Lent has been a season of for me in several areas of my life but I am not quite certain I have a handle on things anymore than I did before. Our family seems to be all over the place, I haven’t been consistent with posting like I wanted to be, and I am not even sure what direction this little blog is headed. We are still trying to find the right rhythm; figuring out what works and what does not for our family, working a lot of hours, potty training a two year old, trying to be faithful to the things entrusted to us, and sharing our life with the people we love. Sometimes there does not feel like there are enough hours in the day and as if we have way to many irons in the fire but I am learning that most of that is just false perception. If Lent has been anything, it has been a season of learning to see more clearly. Learning to see Christ in the common and not be bogged down by what appears to be more than we can handle. We all travel through time at the same speed and there is no reason to allow ourselves to get bent out of shape and stressed when all we have is today. Tomorrow can wait so let us be here while today is still today.

I am reminded of the writers words to the Hebrews about running with endurance and that means finding our rhythm and flow in this life. Do not tire yourself out, find your pace, and feel the wind of the Holy Spirit beneath your wings helping you move foreword. Tomorrow will get here when it gets here and sprinting does nothing but exhaust, and drain you which will only set you more behind schedule. We have a lot going on with our family but I have found a whole new way to enjoy the chaos over the course of the last forty days. I am excited about what lies ahead and as always we covet your prayers! I am working on several new episodes for the #LessonsFromDeadGuys podcast & blog. As well as post for our families journey toward minimal living over on our Flipping the American Dream blog.

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!

Ps. I have a really cool newsletter that is not really a newsletter but more of a personal letter about finding the miracle in the mess, the sacred in the secular, the divine in the dirt, and the Christ in the common and chaos of life, sent directly to your inbox. It is called Open Eyes/Burning Hearts and I am really stoked about it. I hope it will be a unique and enriching experience for you and I as well as a way to connect on a different level. Here is a subscription link and the first one will be in your inbox early Friday morning!

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