Living The Dream


If you follow me on any form of social media outlet you probably are familiar with this blog title. #LivingTheDream is probably my most used hashtag of all time and for that I am unapologetic! I have spent some time the last few weeks really contemplating what I mean by the use of the hashtag and what I hope to convey to the people I interact with on social media platforms.

There is a large temptation to repaint a more extravagant version of our lives on social media. It is easy. We can be who we want to be. We can show the good parts, ignore the worst, and exaggerate until Kingdom come and who would know? And honestly who doesn’t like more followers? I want to be clear that I try my best to be as transparent about my life as I can. I don’t have my crap together but that’s okay! Actually it’s great and makes for some interesting adventures. I think we can spend so much time day-dreaming about how life could be instead of living and enjoying life for what it is right now. That’s why I use the hashtag so often, not because I have some flawless life, but because life is a gift to be enjoyed and living it with my beautiful wife and son is the epidemy of all my dreams.

As long as they are here even the most difficult circumstances or seasons of life are worth it. All the chaos and common is what dreams are made of: from potty training, to date nights; from yard work, to vacations; from taking out the trash, to fancy dinners; from rainy work days, to fun at the park; from right decisions, to wrong turns. It’s all beautiful and here to be enjoyed if we will just take the time to slow down and be present right in the mess of it all. I believe more often than not that the fulfillment to our deepest longings are right in front of our eyes and we just keep looking right past them. Perception is key and maybe it’s high time you had a change in perspective. I know I was in desperate need of one and ever since my perspective started to shift I have been able to see the world so differently! I am all for looking ahead and having goals but do not miss today because of tomorrow or you might end up losing both.

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist!

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