This one little word has plagued my heart the last several days along with being the cause for a great deal of straight up ugly face crying. I do not remember a time that I did not imagine adopting children. My wife shares the same feelings in her heart that I do. We have talked about it a lot since we married four years ago and have thankfully always been on the same page. We want to uphold the gospels care for orphans in the best way we know how.

I want to be a father to the fatherless.

Jordan wants to be a mother to the motherless.

So this week we felt a churning to stop speaking so casually of adoption and begin to look into the process of it all. Honestly, it seems that in many cases the systems in place work against the children a great deal of the time, and I will do you a favor and not even get started on how messed up the system is when it comes to race. I am still highly ignorant of it all but so far my research has shown me some very disturbing things. The money it costs to adopt is absolutely insane. I am not sure how certain people sleep at night knowing they are making a dang good living by the distribution of children. The amount of money that actually goes back into the orphanages, specifically overseas adoptions, is criminal. The powers at be are the powers at be, so what can you do?

I honestly do not know. Can the system change? I truly hope so. I spent much time yesterday praying that it could and plan on spending more doing the same thing. All the facts about children needing to be adopted are crippling. I am not going to spend any time getting into all of them here because weeping while on the job is frowned upon when you are a security guard. All the facts aside the love we have received is more than enough reason for us to want to pursue this adventure.

People have already asked us why would we consider adoption over having more biological children and my response has been “How can we not adopt?.” This is not just some kind of alternative option for building our family, or even merely some moral obligation. Not adopting is not an option for us because we can not imagine any other response to the love that has been given to us. We have been adopted. We were called loved and beautiful by our biological parents and our savior. So many children live life void of this love and it keeps us up at night. So the only option for us is to adopt. It is as simple as that.

Adoption is a lengthy process and there are several things we have to do before we could even begin the process of being considered but we are wanting to begin to take intentional steps in that direction right now so in the years ahead we will be able to welcome the blessing of a new child into our home.

I ask that you would pray for our family.

Pray for all the right doors to open.

Pray for us to b able to have the opportunity to be able to be a catalyst that can give a life to a child that she would not have had the chance to have.

Pray that the system will change.

Pray for the orphaned.

Pray about what you can do.

Through whom, to whom, and for whom all things exist.


One thought on “Adoption

  1. Cat says:

    Hi there – I came across this blog (I get Google Alerts because I love reading about adoption journeys). My name is Cat and I work with an agency, New Beginnings, out of Tupelo, Mississippi. They have a fantastic Poland program. Just thought I’d offer up the information to help you with your search. Best of luck! Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions 🙂

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